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Another movie from Dutch Irene van der Zwan that is very dear to me and seems to have disappeared from the web. It is shot at one of the numerous wave camps I have participated in in Vågå, Norway ( and Ottsjöe, Sweden ( . In the movie Irene reveals how she manages to make those shots from outside the cockpit. Early selfie-stick, I suppose. 

Irene van der Zwan is still a very active glider pilot, I can tell by searching the web but, none of the URLs mentioned in the movie are active and, I have not found any way to contact her for permission to bring this movie. However, Irene, if you stumble upon this page and you disapprove of me publicising it, please let me know. There is a contact form at the top of this web page.

Irene's copilot, the photographer revealing the trick used to make shots from the outside


Irene herself
Irene herself